Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The City of Wind

I was born here, and the truth is, I think I remember that day.

I have only experienced the Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall of Chicago. Occasionally we would trek outside the borders of Illinois on vacation, but rarely outside of the Midwest. I have so much pride in my town as Chicago is unlike any other city, with it's lakefront, windy downtown streets, night life, landmarks transportation and opportunity. As far as I am concerned, Chicago is the best city there is. I am proud to have been born and raised here.

And so...
Being a Winter Baby, and enjoying the first snowfall (probably more than others), the consideration of moving to a somewhat sweltering hot island is still an enigma, even to me. I have, for my entire life... preferred shivering over sweating. The Spring rain has a comforting aroma when it wafts through your windows. The summers are hot enough... tolerable, for the months it is here. And Autumn...

...Simply wondrous.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

In the Beginning

Some time last year, the vast majority of my facebook friends were engulfed in the Mafia Wars frenzy. It was there I met a friend. We exchanged words, and he went on to tell me about his beautiful country of Barbados. Being drawn in by his words and declarations of it's beauty, I started to make frequent trips to the library, checking out every book about the country I could find, and reading them cover to cover. That intrigue turned into a genuine interest to someday visit.

And that was the beginning.